DMC Turning Centers & Slant Bed Lathes

South Korea's 1st machine tool builder in 1944, DMC started building CNC's in 1978.  In 1980, DMC started OEM for Daewoo; Doosan (PUMA) in 1986, Hyundai in 1988, KIRA in 2008, and TAKAMAZ in 2009.  In 2015, DMC was acquired by FFG (Fair Friends Group) and the name was changed to FFG-DMC and the company relocated to Changwon and established the global sales and organization.  Today, the DMC brand is best known for its world class turning centers and CNC lathes.

Why Choose Hillary Machinery for New DMC Turning Centers & CNC Lathes

When it comes to investing in new DMC equipment, Hillary Machinery stands as an optimum choice. We are renowned for providing high-quality machines that enhance productivity and efficiency. Our distinctly superior customer service ensures you get well-informed guidance for a profitable investment in DMC machinery, tailored to your unique needs.

Explore Our Diverse Range of DMC

We offer an extensive range of DMC equipment categories to choose from. Each category is designed to meet various industrial applications, ensuring you get exactly what your business needs for maximum performance. For instance:

Comprehensive Types of DMC Horizontal & Vertical Turning Centers

In an effort to meet your varied needs, we stock different types of DMC equipment. Every equipment type guarantees outstanding performance and a substantial return on investment, irrespective of your industry. Explore our collection and choose the type that fits your business:

The DMC Legacy: Superior Design and Cutting-Edge Applications

DMC has a long-standing history of manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment for Daewoo, Doosan, Hyundai Wia, Takamaz and other well-known brands. Endorsed by numerous industries worldwide, DMC is a trusted brand recognized for its technological advancements, unique design attributes, and adaptability to diverse industrial applications. Whether you need equipment for large scale manufacturing or small specialty productions, DMC has got you covered. Trust Hillary Machinery for your DMC machine needs.